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Lorena Aquino Biography Photo Lorena Aquino Biography
Born: 3/14/1980
Aliases: Lorena Blond, Lorena Aquino, Lorena Blonde, Lorena Habib, Lorena, Lorrena, Laena, Lorenna, Louna, Bianca Aquino

Ethnicity: Latin
Country of Origin: Brazil
Province / State: Rio de Janeiro
Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro
Date of Birth: March 14th. 1980

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Heigth: 168 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Fake boobs: NO
Career Status: Active
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: 3 stars left upper arm; nape of neck

Lorena Aquino a true baroness of Brazilian “boody-licious” flavor. Lorena found the flair for men and her welcoming curves early on by not accident but pure action. She describes herself as a tramp deluxe, not your average law abiding citizen by any means who's grown into a naturalistic nymphet.

At 20 Lorena began stage modeling, escort work and work in the local alternative music artist scene as a scantily clad groupie. Soon after she had moved to Rio, Lorena found quite a following with her curvaceous appeal. She spent months working the carnival scenes and escort agencies throughout the coastal party towns, meeting many independent film enthusiasts and participants alike. The Porn industry was a natural evolution in her career as she found a bit more cash flow in doing a mass variety of scenes across the ethnic scales.

Lorena Aquino is often billed as a Latin busty girl, a statement that is quite massively true. And she is undeniably a girl, as she proves time and time again in each scene she's in. Latina? Yes through and through, with a touch of old world charm thrown in from ancestral remittance. Information on Lorena's origins is hard to come by, though - various sources say she's from all over the place. In interviews she has claimed to be from Portugal, but elsewhere you'll find Spain and Puerto Rico listed as home of calling. Undeniably she states born and bred in Brazil, for the record.

Lorena during a recent fan interview with said "I love the attention, this industry brings me in outright proportion, no judging just adoration.” I love the publicity. I like doing a web search and my reviews come up in the search …my name out there for everyone, isn’t that just amazing! I get to meet quite the strange assortment of people and celebrity alike. Fans recognize me, and seem happy to see me, that makes me a kind of proud. I can’t pass up a good party and when im in Rio there is no shortage of party atmosphere to be had, "It's still a bit shocking to go out on the town and hear people say, 'Hey, it’s Lorena Aquino!'

"I come from a simple farm like upbringing, with only the reality of ambiguous anonymity as seen in the faces of locals. I treasure the times there but quickly now miss the fun and buzz of the big city. I always had a super work ethic and was real hard charging in anything I set out to do. "I've busted my tail (in more ways than one ; ),, and am crazy proud of what I have accomplished in so little time. I see a great future ahead because of what I have chosen, as to look back and see regret, is for losers, you only live once. I like to go shopping as much as the next girl but it is fun to have my own money and buy as I like, and what I choose.

"I was a stage dancer for some friends and musicians as their big bootie girl for the raving masses recently and it was quite a thrill to be with a live audience for a change.” The escort world can be a tough one at times but made great alliances within the community and most the guys are real respectful and courteous. Some bachelor parties me and the girls have done were more wild than I should dare admit but still leave a smile on my face thinking back and looking forward to more. I tried smoking in my early years, only to find a more pleasing item to put in my mouth, that is not quite so hazardous to my health, but nearly as “addicktive ; ).” I do like my tequila, sangria, and dos equis, but not a real hard core drinker, just a social butterfly style drinker. I love to dance, and carnival is my favorite scene as everyone is dancing and having a great time. I hang out with more fellas than any close girls some said I was kinda tomboyish, “fuck ‘em if they can’t take a dick I say.” I think those saying such are merely jealous of my non-shortage of willing male companions or friends : ).

I look forward to doing many more fine clips for my adoring fans, and hope you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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